后浪 online. Ren Xinzheng, a professor at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is dedicated to spreading Chinese medicine. He resigned to set up a traditional Chinese medicine inheritance class, hoping to train successors who can truly pass on the way of Chinese medicine. Unscrupulous Sun Toutou also accidentally joined the mentoring class, and he was at odds with Ren Xinzheng's son Ren Tianzhen, Yang Xiaohong, who had changed his career as a lawyer, Peng Shiyan, a pediatrician at a tertiary hospital, and Zhao Liquan, who wanted to become a famous doctor with the expectation of the whole village, and other students were also incompatible. This group of students who came with their own questions, followed teachers such as Ren Xinzheng and Song Linglan who made great wishes, forged ahead in the direction of inheriting the orthodoxy, learning and inheriting traditional Chinese medicine culture in a backward manner.

Duración: min.

Calidad: HD

Año: 2023

imdb rating 5